Under Siege

A structure is considered "under siege" if the owner of the structure has changed in the last 1 hour. When a structure is under siege, there »


In MCRPG, we have a very unique economy system. Advantages of the economy are: Buy/Sell items for rupees Check the price for items before you »

How to Play

Things you'll need to know to play MCRPG: Important places Server: mcrpg.com Forums: https://forum.mcrpg.com Teamspeak: ts.mcrpg.com Twitter: @hclewk_ and @mcrpg_ »


What are artifacts? Artifacts are powerful magical items that are randomly awarded to you when you reach certain scores. There are 4 levels of artifacts. Level »


In MCRPG, you can form teams. Advantages of teams are: Maximum of 5 players on a team You can create team warps You toggle friendly fire »