What are structures?

A structure defines an area where you can set permissions for players to do certain activities, like enter, build, interact, and open inventories. This is currently a great way to protect your base, but will be much more in the near future.

How do I build a structure?

Place Iron Blocks next to each other. The iron blocks must be directly adjacent (North, East, South, West, Up, or Down) - they cannot be diagonally adjacent.

MCRPG Iron Structure

An invisible protective cube forms around your structure, as illustrated by these white stained glass blocks.
Everything in the stained glass is protected

After you build your structure, run the command /structure create [rupees] [name], and then click on one of the iron blocks of your structure. name can be anything - it's just an easy way to identify the structure. rupees is the amount of rupees you want to initially invest in the structure. You must invest at least 1 rupees per iron block in the structure.

How do I set permissions for a structure?

Pro-tip: You can use the commands /struct or /s in place of /structure

Stand inside your structure and perform the command
/struct perm [permission-type] [level]

permission-type defines what exactly you are giving permission to do. You can choose:

  • enter - Allows players to enter your structure
  • interact - Allows players to interact with buttons, levers, etc
  • build - Allows players to place and break blocks
  • inv - Allows players to open inventories and pick up items

level specifies which group of players you would like to be able to perform the action.

  • private - Default. Only the owner of the structure has access.
  • admin - Only your team's admins have access.
  • team - Only your fellow team members have access.
  • public - Everyone has access.

How can I break into a structure?

If a player's base is protected by a structure, you can still break into it! The "value" of a structure is the total amount of rupees that has been invested in it. Any player who has invested more than 50% of the total value of a structure becomes the owner of that structure. For 1 hour after a structure changes ownership, all permissions of that structure are public. During this hour, the new owner will be given a % of the structure value back for each iron block he mines. It is possible to recoup 100% of the structure value.


hclewk creates a structure, and initially invests 100 rupees. Lexie invests 101 rupees. The total value of the structure is now 201 rupees, and Lexie has invested about 50.2% of the rupees. She becomes the owner.

MassiveChoons creates a structure, and initially invests 100 rupees. Remkit tries to break in by investing 100 rupees. MassiveChoons still owns the structure, because Remkit must invest MORE THAN 50% to take it over. Now, BadBoyHalo invests 150 rupees. He also does not take over the structure, because the value of the structure is now 350 rupees, and he has only invested 150 (43%). Remkit now invests an additional 300 rupees, and he becomes the new owner, with 400 rupees invested out of 650 total value (61.5%).

How do I get back the rupees I have invested in a structure?

Only the owner of the structure can get rupees out of the structure. If a structure is "under siege" (has changed ownership in the last hour) you will receive a proportional % of the total value of the structure for each iron block you mine. It is possible to recoup the entire value of the structure.

If a structure is not under siege, you will only receive a 25% refund if you break all iron blocks in your structure.

How much rupees do I have to invest to take over this structure?

Only the owner of that structure knows. The advantage here goes to the defender. You do not know going in how much you have to invest to take over a structure. Rest assured though, once you take over the structure, you can recoup your investment by destroying all the iron blocks of the structure.

Structure Strategies

  • Stats - Right-click a structure you own to see the stats of your structure.
  • Team Investing for Defense - Create a base for your team, and have all your team mates invest in the structure. Your combined investments will make it that much harder for someone to break in.
  • Solo Investing for Attack - Investing as a team hurts more than it helps if you are trying to break into a structure. It's best for a single player to invest as much as possible.