In MCRPG, we have a very unique economy system. Advantages of the economy are:

  • Buy/Sell items for rupees
  • Check the price for items before you buy them
  • Pay people with rupees
  • In-game currency
  • VIP perks!
  • Get gear without having to make it yourself


  • /economy - Displays all of the economy commands
  • /sell [amount of item] [item] [total price] - Sells an item[s] from your inventory and places it on the market for x amount of rupees
    • /sell 10 steak 10 - Places 10 steak onto the market for a total of 10 rupees (1 rupee each) if someone buys it from you, you will receive the rupees from it
    • /sell 10 steak 10per - Places 10 steak onto the market, for 10 rupees each
  • /buy [amount of item] [item] [price] - Buys an item[s] from the marketplace and gives it to you
    • /buy 10 steak 10 - Removes 10 steak from the market and places it into your inventory
  • /price [amount] [item] - Tells you the number of rupees needed to purchase that item
    • /price 10 steak - Tells you the price for 10 steak on the market
    • /price 50 - Tells you the price of what is in your hand if you were to buy 50 of that item
  • /pay [player] [amount] - Gives another player on the server rupees. With a 10% transaction fee. *

*If you have VIP, you can use /pay for free!