In MCRPG, you can form teams. Advantages of teams are:

  • Maximum of 5 players on a team
  • You can create team warps
  • You toggle friendly fire (you don't hurt your team mates when you are fighting)
  • Team members have access to your structures (coming soon)
  • Team chat (coming soon)
  • Team VIP - If you buy Team VIP, all members of your team get some VIP benefits, and you can have up to 15 players on your team! (coming soon)


  • /team create [name] [password] - Create a team.
  • /team join [name] [password] - Joins a team. If you are already on a team, you will be removed from your old team before being added to your new team.
  • /team info - Gives you info about your team
  • /team warp transfer [warpName] [newName] - Transfers a warp you control to your team
  • /team leave - Leaves your current team.

Admin Commands

The player who creates a team is given Team Admin by default. Only a team admin can perform these commands.

  • /team kick [player] - Kicks the specified player from your team.
  • /team admin [player] - Gives this player admin permissions. These permissions cannot be revoked!
  • /team settings enablepvp - Enable PVP between team members (friendly fire is on)
  • /team settings disablepvp - Disable PVP between team members (friendly fire is off)
  • /team settings enablejoin - Allow players with the correct password to join your team
  • /team settings disablejoin - Do not allow any players to join your team

Warp Commands

All warp commands behave the same as normal, but will work on team warps as well. If a warp name conflicts, (you have a private warp named 'base' and a team warp named 'base' as well) you will only be able to perform actions on your personal warp. In the case of a conflict, you can still go to a team warp, by using the command /warp team [warpName].

For details on warps commands, visit: