How to Play

Things you'll need to know to play MCRPG:

Important places

Twitter: @hclewk_ and @mcrpg_

The Basics

  • "Score" is what sets you apart from other players. A big high score means you are a badass. Increase your score by mining Rupees near spawn.
  • As your score increases, you'll earn powerful Artifacts that will actually make you a badass.
  • Rupees are the currency that runs everything. Rupees allow you to buy and sell stuff on the Economy, build Structures, break into Structures, and create Warps.
  • Once you earn an Artifact, hold the item in your offhand (press F) to use it.
  • Having a hard time getting out of spawn without dying? Try /wild.

What's the point?

To prove you are the best. You do that by getting a really high score, and just owning everyone with your killer artifacts. A high score is a lot harder to get than it seems, because the only place you can increase your score is the most contested place on the map - spawn. And if you die, your score is reset :(.


Yes, MCRPG is running minecraft 1.9. No, it doesn't suck, it's just not what you are used to. All those crazy sword-block-spamming, soup-drinking, pot-throwing skills you accumulated over the past few years are now useless. There are now better skills you have to acquire.

  • Patience - You can't spam click anymore. You now have to wait until your sword is recharged to get maximum damage.
  • Shields - You can no longer block, you have to use a shield. But let's be serious here, did block-hitting actually do anything? No. Shields are actually pretty useful.
  • Multiple Hits - You can now hit multiple enemies at the same time. Use it to your advantage.
  • Regen! - Fill up your food bar, and your health regenerates super fast. So instead of throwing a pot, or eating soup, back off from the battle and eat a piece of steak. Same effect.
  • Check out Minecraft PVP Tips for more tips and tricks!