What are artifacts?

Artifacts are powerful magical items that are randomly awarded to you when you reach certain scores. There are 4 levels of artifacts. Level 1 artifacts are the least powerful and easiest to obtain. Level 4 artifacts are the most powerful and by far the hardest to obtain.

How do I get artifacts?

When you mine ruppes near spawn, your score increases by 1 for each rupee mined. You are awarded a random level 1 artifact when you reach a score of 100. You can receive higher level artifacts (always awarded randomly) by reaching a higher score.

  • Level 1: 100 score
  • Level 2: 500 score
  • Level 3: 2500 score
  • Level 4: 10000 score

When you die, your score resets to 0, so be careful!

Can I lose an artifact?

An artifact is just like any other item in the game. It can be dropped, placed in a chest, etc. The only difference between an artifact an a normal item in this regard is that an artifact that is in use when you die will not be dropped - it will be removed from the game and lost forever.

How do I use artifacts?

If an artifact has a passive ability, that ability is in effect any time that artifact is held in your off hand. If an artifact has an active ability, you must hold the artifact in your off hand, and right click to activate the ability.

What artifacts are available?

Level 1
  • Alpha Wolf Pheromones - Any untamed wolf you attack will instantly become your pet.
  • Gillyweed - You can breathe underwater.
  • Bezoar - You are immune to poison.
  • Harmsway - Hit any player or mob to heal them 1/2 heart (cooldown 1 second).
  • Wings of Hermes - You do not take fall damage.
  • The Foot of a Hare - You get Speed I and Hunger II
  • Owl Eye - You get night vision
Level 2
  • Ancient Worm Poo - Any dirt you pick up when your food bar is not full will be consumed, giving you +1 food per dirt.
  • Bloodless - You will not take damage from projectiles (arrows, etc).
  • Fireman's Suit - You are immune to fire.
  • Fulgurite Talisman - You are immune to lightning.
  • Rotten Zombie Skull - While active, no mobs will target you. Mobs that targeted you before you equipped the Rotten Zombie Skull will still chase you.
Level 3
  • Bamf - Teleport to anywhere any projectile you shoot lands
  • Molten Body Armor - Any player or mob that hits you will be set on fire for 10 seconds. You are immune to fire.
  • Cloak of Invisibility - You get the invisibility effect
Level 4
  • Trinket of Retribution - Any melee attack on you that would result in your death is canceled. The attacker receives double the damage dealt to you.
  • Werewolf Serum - When equipped, any player you kill will turn in a werewolf to fight for you.