Warps are a way to get around quickly in the Mistborn world. They are a long-term investment. By spending the rupees and time required to build an advanced network of warps, you can gain a massive advantage in gameplay.

VIPs pay 50% less rupees to create warps!

  • Warps are private to the player who creates them (nobody else can see or use warps you create).
  • Warps cost rupees to create, and have a fixed "range".
  • The range of a warp is how far away you can be and still use the warp. If you set a range of 1000 blocks, you can be up to 1000 block away and teleport to the warp. If you are more than 1000 blocks away, the warp is unavailable.
  • Warps are not reset when you die.
  • The cost of a warp increases dramatically as range increases.
  • The more warps you have, the more it costs.
  • More, shorter warps always cost less than fewer larger warps. For example, ten 1,000 block warps (your first 10 warps) will cost 1,964 rupees to create; creating a single 10,000 block warp as your first warp, on the other hand, will cost you 19,169 rupees.


  • /warp set [name] [range] - Set a warp with the given name and range at your current location.
  • /warp upgrade [name] [new-range] - Increase the range of the specified warp.
  • /warp rename [name] [new-name] - Change the name of the specified warp.
  • /warp delete [name] - Delete this warp. You get half of your rupees back.
  • /warp cost [range] - Calculate how much it would cost to create a warp with the specified range.
  • /warp [name] - Go to the specified warp.
  • /warp list - List all your warps.

Coming Soon

  • [VIP ONLY] /warp chain [name] [warp1] [warp2] [warp3] [warp4] .... - Creates a "chain" of warps with the given name. For example you can do: /warp chain toStash rupees 1k stash Then when you run the command /warp toStash it would be the same as running: /warp rupees /warp 1k /warp stash. This is simply a convenience feature to save time.