Frequently Asked Questions

This post contains a list of questions that are often asked by players. If you are new to the server or want to learn more about it, click on each question to see the answer.

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What is MCRPG?

MCRPG is a combination of MCPVP’s Raid and HG servers! You can build bases, create markets, and track players, BUT … The most important part to you, the player, is your score. Using Rupees you mine, you can get random artifacts, these give you different abilities when held in your ‘off hand’. These can give you anything from the power of flight to being able to tame wolves!

How do I play?

When you first connect to , you will begin with some basic items, from there your mission is to get Rupees. Rupees are represented by Emerald Ore and are used to:

  • Create warps
  • Obtain new artifacts
  • Create structures
  • Break into structures
  • Get onto the leaderboard!

How do I get Rupees?

There are 2 ways to get Rupee’s!
The easiest way is to go to 0,0 as this is where the Rupee mine is, you can mine as much Rupees as you want but be careful as you may not be the only player there.

The second way is by killing players, when you kill another player 20% of their Rupees gets given to you! (If you die, you lose 10% of your rupees 5% if you're VIP )

Can I give someone Rupees?
If you want to give a player rupees, you can do so by doing /pay [playerName] [amount] , you will have to pay a 10% transaction fee though! VIP's do not have to pay the transaction fee.

What are artifacts?

Artifacts are powerful magical items that are randomly awarded to you when you reach certain scores. There are 4 levels of artifacts. Level 1 artifacts are the least powerful and easiest to obtain. Level 4 artifacts are the most powerful and by far the hardest to obtain.
See more about them here:

What is score?
Score is what you need to get to the top of the leaderboards! Each Season the player with the highest score at the end wins, see our current prize here. Score is gained by mining rupees and killing players, when you kill a player you receive 10% of their score (20% if you're VIP).

How do I build a structure?

Place Iron Blocks next to each other. The iron blocks must be directly adjacent (North, East, South, West, Up, or Down) - they cannot be diagonally adjacent.

<img src='/uploads/default/original/1X/28b4d5b5795670e04b2df3920f0c8e4c27fb5cb3.png'>

An invisible protective cube forms around your structure, as illustrated by these white stained glass blocks.

After you have built your structure, type /structure create [Rupee] [name], then click on one of the iron blocks of your structure. The name can be anything you like, and the Rupee is the amount you want to invest in the structure. There must be at least 1 Rupee invested per iron block in the structure. See more about structures here:

I want my Rupees out of my structure!

Only the owner of the structure can get rupees out of the structure. When the owner of a structure mines an iron block from the structure, the owner is given back the rupees value of that block as well. You are only able to get 25% of the originally invested rupees.

You can read some strategies on structures here:

Is there an economy?
MCRPG has its own economy system and you can use it to buy and sell items! This is useful if you don't fancy going mining, want some OP gear without having to enchant it yourself or just want to use your rupees.
Read about all the commands and features of our economy system here:

What is a warp?

Warps are a way to quickly get around the MCRPG world, you can use them to get from one section of the map to another. Warps cost Rupees to create, the further the warp range the more expensive it is to make. To make a warp type the command /warp set [name] [range], this will give your warp a name and a range from your current location.
The range is how far away you can access your warp from e.g. 1000 range means you can use your warp from up to 1000 blocks away from your warp point.

Need to know more on warps? Just look here:

Can I get a free warp?
You get two free warps when you start MCRPG, these are your home and HQ warps.

Do /warp set home to set your home warp. You can access this warp from anywhere on the map, and it costs nothing to create.
Do /warp set hq to set your team's HQ warp. Any member of the team can set this warp at any time. This warp is free and can be accessed anywhere on the map by any member of your team

How do I track another player?
To track another player you need to build a tracker. You can build a temporary tracker which uses 'easier materials' or make a permanent one. The size of the tracker determines how many blocks away it can track a player.

Read more here:

Want to see how well you’re playing?

MCRPG has it’s very own leaderboards! These show who has the most Rupees, who has the most kills and so on. Make sure to check where you are:

Which players are staff?

You can see which players are staff by checking out our staff list on the forums:

Can I make a team?

Yes, you can make a team with up to 5 players! Advantages of a team are that you can make team warps and you can toggle friendly fire (so you can’t hurt your teammates when fighting). With new additions to teams being added daily, keep updated here:

How do I make a team?

  • /team create [name] [password] - Create a team.
  • /team join [name] [password] - Joins a team
  • /team info - Gives you info about your team
  • /team warp transfer [warpName] [newName] - Transfers a warp you control to your team

As the creator of my team, do I get any special commands?
The person who creates the team is given Team Admin, only Team Admins can perform these commands.

  • /team kick [player] - Kicks the specified player from your team.
  • /team admin [player] - Gives this player admin permissions. These permissions cannot be revoked!
  • /team settings enablepvp - Enable PVP between team members (friendly fire is on)
  • /team settings disablepvp - Disable PVP between team members (friendly fire is off)
  • /team settings enablejoin - Allow players with the correct password to join your team
  • /team settings disablejoin - Do not allow any players to join your team

Are there premium ranks?
Currently the only purchasable rank is VIP! With VIP you only lose 5% of your rupees when you die, you receive 20% of a players score when they die, you get a green name in chat and more!
Buy VIP here:

What is the DEATH mob?
DEATH is a mob that spawns around the rupee fields. When you reach 500 score, they begin to attack you to try and stop you mining rupees. If you kill a DEATH mob in the fields you receive 50 score and an iron block, but be wary as they can spawn behind you at any moment!

MCPVP had soup, does this?
At this moment in time, MCRPG does not use the soup-heal system MCPVP used in their server, and there are currently no plans to use it.

Do you have any other servers?
We don't just have MCRPG, we also have a build server for all your creative needs. Just use the ip and get building!