Support Us - Buy VIP

VIP not only gets you great perks, but it also supports future development of MCRPG and games like it.

Monthly VIP


Support indie game development!

  • Priority Slot1 to get in the server now
  • Green Name in chat
  • Free /pay - 10% transaction fee when you /pay another player is waived
  • Cheap Warps - warps cost 50% less
  • Less painful death - drop 5% of your rupees when you die instead of 10%
  • All Premium Artifacts (coming soon)
  • Billed monthly - Email us to cancel
Team VIP


VIP for your whole team!

  • 15 slots on your team instead of 5
  • VIP perks for every member of your team
  • Billed monthly - Email us to cancel

1. This is NOT a "reserved slot." The Priority Slot perk allows you to enter the server when full, but only up to a certain point. This is necessary to avoid lag and let everyone have a great game experience.